As a tribute to the recently deceased Milton Glaser, we have gathered 10 of his most emblematic projects in the last six decades.

Born on June 26, 1929, Milton Glaser died on his 91st birthday in New York City, where he had lived all his life. His most famous design ‘I ♥ NY’ expressed his pride in the city and soon became a universally recognized symbol.

Almost at the same time as this campaign, the artist designed a poster for the American singer Bob Dylan and co-founded the lifestyle and culture magazine New York.

Glaser continued to create graphics until the last days of his life, when he was still working on a project designed to create a collective spirit during the coronavirus outbreak.


Logotipo I heart New York de Milton Glaser

Campaign I ♥ NY

Created in 1977 as part of an advertising campaign commissioned by the State of New York, the iconic I ♥ NY logo was designed to increase tourism and lift the spirits of New Yorkers after the city’s fiscal crisis.

Glaser chose to use a font similar to the well-known American Typewriter for its “casualness and literary reference,” as well as for the fact that it provided a visual contrast to the voluptuous heart.

Some time later, the designer made a re-visit of his work after the September 11 attacks, adapting it to read “I ♥ NY More Than Ever”.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

Mad Men poster for AMC

The latest season of the American dramatic television series Mad Men was announced with a series of Art Nouveau style posters and animations designed by Glaser in 2014.

The design features the iconic silhouette of the main character Don Draper, as seen in the opening credits of the program.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

Poster by Bob Dylan for CBS Records

Glaser applied his characteristic psychedelic style to a poster he designed for Columbia Records in 1967 to illustrate Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits album. This was one of his most internationally acclaimed works as a designer.

Taking inspiration for this design from a self-portrait by French-American artist Marcel Duchamp, the poster shows Bob Dylan’s side profile illustrated as a black silhouette, providing a stark contrast to the rainbow-colored spiral lines designed to represent the singer’s curly locks.

11 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

New York magazine logo

In 1968 Glaser founded the New York magazine with the American editor Clay Felker as a competition to the already famous The New Yorker. Here he served as president and design director until 1977.

In addition to creating the logo for the magazine of life, culture, politics and style, Glaser also designed a poster to promote the publication entitled New York Is About New York, which depicts the city’s Empire State Building in four different moments.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

Trump vodka bottle

Glaser was also responsible for designing a bottle of golden vodka for U.S. President Donald Trump.

The bottle, which has a cubic design reminiscent of a skyscraper, has two gold-plated sides with the letter T cut out to show only the clear glass.

But when he spoke to Fast Company about the design in 2016, Glaser told the publication that the bottle appealed to the lowest level of humanity. “What you’re selling is envy and status,” he said, adding that “under no circumstances would I do a job for Trump today,” as he saw him as “an extremely dangerous figure in American life.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

To vote is to exist for the U.S. election

Glaser was one of the designers who created graphics to encourage Americans to travel to the polls and vote in the 2016 presidential election.

The color-block poster, designed as part of AIGA’s Get Out The Vote campaign design organization, has the words “To Vote is to Exist” written on the front of a ballot box with a ballot paper that is dropped inside.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

Campari Poster

In 1992, Glaser designed a vibrant poster for the Italian alcohol brand Campari to promote its famous aperitif, better known for its use in Negroni cocktails.

The poster shows a trapezoidal view of a table covered with a green, pink, purple and yellow checkered cloth, on which there is a bottle of the liquor and a glass of its dark red liquid spilling.

11 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser
World Health OrganizationGlaser designed a poster for the World Health Organization (WHO), entitled AIDS: A global effort will stop it.The poster, launched in 1987, featured a simple red love-heart symbol that had been divided in half and separated, joined at its center by a blue skull emblem.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

XIV Winter Olympic Games

To promote the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, Glaser turned the Olympic symbol into a ring toss game, with the imaginary player tossing the rings into a Corinthian-style column.

The traditional Olympic colours of red, green, blue and yellow were used to create a border around the outside of the poster.

10 proyectos memorables de diseño gráfico de Milton Glaser

Campaign It’s not getting hot, it’s dying.

In 2014 Glaser launched a campaign to raise awareness about climate change. Called It’s Not Getting Hotter, It’s Dying, the initiative aimed to raise urgent awareness about climate change.

The campaign’s visual identity features a green disc obscured by black smoke to symbolize the disappearance of light from the planet.

Images courtesy of Milton Glaser Inc .

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