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3D Generalist: natural and night lighting

During the second quarter, the 2nd year Animation students at L’Idem Barcelona have carried out a practice of lighting a street scene. This exercise has been coordinated by our 3D Generalist teacher Esteve Garriga.

This exercise has been divided into three phases:

  • Prop modeling: each student has repaired and created the UV mapping of objects or props that did not meet the minimum needs to achieve a good render. And they have used projection techniques for triplanar or generated textures, both procedurally and manually. In order to do this, they have used the Autodesk Maya software, zBrush and Substance Painter.
  • Realistic lighting in two different moments: day and night. To carry it out they have used the Arnold render engine.
  • Postproduction: from Nuke software, they have added atmospheric, glow and color correction effects, among others. With this process, it has allowed them to obtain a result that is as realistic as possible.

We present a selection of the best exercises carried out by our students from the 2nd year Animation program. In them you can see a good management of the textures and materials, depending on the role of the object in the scene.

Student project: Àfrica Trillo

Student project: Sonja Civit

Student project: Marta Colmenero

Student project: Marta Viaplana

Student project: Sara Queraltó

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