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Boston filmmaker Lee Loechler was clear that the moment to propose to his girlfriend had to be unique and so he embarked on a six-month adventure working with an illustrator on a very special version of the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty, his girl’s favorite movie.

As we see in the piece that went viral in a few hours, Loechler, who is a professional film director and producer, edited himself and his future fiancée in the cartoon film. He worked with Australian illustrator Kayla Coombs, getting the couple to replace him and his girlfriend Sthuthi in the crucial scene where Prince Phillip wakes up Princess Aurora with a kiss. Just the right moment to propose to his current fiancée and make the fairy tale come true.

The end is as expected, Sthuthi tells Loechler and us that we have one of the first viral videos of 2020, which in just a couple of hours exceeded the million views on youtube. Without a doubt a creative and novel detail, an excellent example of how to use the resources you have to create an unforgettable experience.

Last year was the 60th anniversary of the launch of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and it may seem strange to you to know that “Sleeping Beauty” was not initially successful when it was launched in 1959. However, over time, it was re-launched many, many times and became a huge success.

We share with you the video of the unique proposal.

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