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Our career in Digital Graphic Design is characterized by having a real approach to the professional world, with teachers active in the field and with a curriculum that allows them to perform practices and exercises with real clients, students get a comprehensive education that prepares them for working life outside the classroom.

During their stay at L’Idem the students have a special preparation that through modules allows them to put into practice the knowledge acquired in class in a professional way by conducting advertising campaigns, websites, mobile applications, videos and photography to name just a few. The modules become creative challenges in which students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and see their effort reflected in projects that go beyond being merely school exercises.

This year to close the activities of the degree students of Digital Graphic Design have moved to Aiguestortes in the Pyrenees for an exercise in advertising and audiovisual production. This is a spot for three products in which the children have to make a creative idea in a very emotional tone and thus translate the corresponding visual applications.

Undoubtedly creative activities in places as inspiring as Aiguestortes can only bring impressive results that will soon know, for now we get images of the creation process of students surrounded by nature, working despite the inclement weather and enjoying the project.

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