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“Al-one”: 3D Animation short film L’Idem France

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During the last year of their degree,  2D / 3D Animation and Videogames students at L’Idem develop a short film of their specialty, a teamwork in which they value the learning, knowledge and tools they have worked on throughout their training in our school. “Al-one” is the 3D Animation short film made by 4th year Animation students from our campus in France.

“Al-one”: 3D Animation short film

The protagonist of the 3D Animation short film is a young rover (space vehicle) who lives alone on a desert planet. His routine will change suddenly with the arrival of a storm, in the middle of which he perceives a mysterious silhouette. Intrigued by this shadow, he decides to brave the storm to go find it. Many surprises await him on the way …

Directed by 3D “Brad Bird” promo at L’Idem France: Valantine Dagany, Estelle Diot , Jacques Chauvel, Logan Chovet , Anohya Da Silva, Gabriel Falgayrac, Yaëlle Hameau, Nathan Rigau, Arthur Segers and Julie Vidal.
Original Soundtrack & Sound Design: Alexandre Llanes
End Credits Song : Estelle Diot

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