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L’Idem Talent: Alexandre Galup, Design Alumni

By 12 November 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

Alexandre Galup, a 3rd year student of International Digital Designer at L’Idem, is doing a curricular internship at Buzzman. Created in 2006, this independent advertising agency specializes in the creation of innovative concepts that go beyond traditional advertising limits.

“At Buzzman I’m getting to know the Advertising world from within”, says Alexandre. ” Today we share our alumni’s storie in the field of Design.

Could you explain to us how you got an internship at Buzzman?

At the end of my curricular internship at the Marcel World Wide Advertising agency, I decided to stay in Paris to study and live. I started applying for job postings to my preferred agencies. And from Buzzman I was contacted by Raphael Ghisalberti. After reviewing my candidacy and my portfolio, he asked me to do an interview to get into Buzzman.

What does your work consists of?

In many things! The best thing is that the Buzzman team gives me the confidence to participate in the projects and the freedom to propose my ideas. In a brief, for exemple, I have the opportunity to propose my knowledge as an Art director assistant, which is my current position. And I can also share my ideas in fields such as script.

How is your relation with Buzzman’s team?

It is very good! I’m working with a team of creatives, an Art Director and a Copywriter. And I’m learning a lot from all of them. Due to the current situation, I have not had the opportunity to know the whole agency, but I hope to do so one day.

How is your experience being?

Amazing! At Buzzman I am getting to know the world of Advertising from within. And I do everything I wanted to do in this sector. It is being a very rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.


What is Buzzman?

Advertising agency specialized in creating innovative concepts that go beyond the limits of traditional advertising.

Multiawarded at the largest international festivals (Cannes Lions, Eurobest, EFFIE or Clio Awards, among others) and national, it is recognized as one of the most creative in Europe.
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From what you’ve learned at L’Idem, what is being more useful to you?

The work methodology in L’Idem: reproduction of an agency’s real work environment and the assumption of risks. The fact of carrying out creative projects in real time -both in design and concept- during our trianing at L’Idem is what is serving me the most. As my Creativity teacher at the school, Guido del Solar, has always said, “there are no problems, always solutions”.

Now that you are about to graduate, how would you describe the 3 years of training at L’Idem?

Creativity, autonomy and lots of love with my class from International Digital Designer higher studies at L’Idem.

Where and in what position would you like to be working in five years?

I would like to be an Art Director in a team, working hand in hand with a copywriter in a creative agency.

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