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L’Idem Talent: Daniel Borrego, Animation Alumni

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Daniel Borrego, graduated from L’Idem Barcelona in 2018, has joined the school’s teaching team in the area of ​​3D Animation. Since October, he has been the 3D Animation teacher for the first and second year students of the higher studies in 2D / 3D Animation and Videogames at L’Idem.

“The world of Animation is exciting”, Daniel has told us, “and I want to transmit this passion to my students every day”. Today we share our alumni’s storie in the field of Animation.

Daniel Borrego, the first alumni to join L’Idem’s teaching team

After finishing his training at school, Daniel Borrego has worked for various animation companies. “His experience and knowledge of how to work in an Animation production will be of great use to our students”, commented Carles Prenafeta, 3D Animation coordinator. In addition, he is the first alumni of the school to become part of our pedagogical team. The fact of having studied at L’Idem makes you aware of our work methodology, as well as the objectives of our academic program. “His integration into the teaching team has been very fluid,” said Prenafeta. “Daniel is passionate about teaching, a patient and methodical professional.” We wanted to discover how he values ​​and lives his first experience as a teacher at the school where he studied.

You join L’Idem’s 3D Animation area as a teacher. Did you imagine it when you were studying at school?

I have to admit that I thought about it for a long time! Like Animation, the world of education also fascinates me. So what better than combining my two passions!

Why have you joined the L’Idem team for the 2020-2021 academic year?

Well, before being a teacher at L’Idem, I was a student. I know the effort that the whole team makes to improve year after year, their professionalism, the good atmosphere, their organization and the infrastructure they have. I think the students finish with a good level and I want to help all this talent end up creating much more industry in our country.

You go back to school after a few years. What environment do you breathe?

The truth is that I feel very comfortable and the work environment is very good. For this academic year, the L’Idem team has grown with new incorporations, both in the areas of Animation and Design. The teachers are very motivated and I think that is transmitted to the students.

How do you see the students of L’Idem?

Despite the current situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, I see that the students at the school are motivated. They have adapted very well to the new situation and to the new work methodologies that we have applied. I see them very collaborative and eager to learn and make the most of their training at L’Idem. I think we are going to have great entertainers in the future!

How do you approach work with our students?

The classes will have a theory part and a practical part where this theory and those previously learned will be applied. The theoretical part will be reinforced with audiovisual material easily accessible to the student, documentation collected from animation books such as The animator’s survival kit. In addition, on the necessary occasions I will carry out the exercise in class so that the students have a reference. In the practical part, in addition, the student will be taught to comply with the presentation, methodology, organization, delivery times, etc. just like in an animation studio.

Since March 2020 at L’Idem we have applied a hybrid teaching model. How do you rate this type of training?

Personally, I prefer 100% face-to-face training. But given the current situation, we have quickly adapted to online training. At L’Idem Barcelona we use various communication, organization and online training platforms. And this new teaching methodology together with the involvement and collaboration of the entire community allow us to continue the academic year with the maximum rigor and normality.

What goals do you set for 3D Animation classes?

My goal is for the student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully participate in any 3D Animation project. To do this, at the end of your studies you will have a good reel, the best cover letter to open up to the world of work. I would also like to convey passion for animation and pride in their work.

How do you think the fact that before being a teacher, you also studied at L’Idem can help students?

I think that my experience can help you to resolve nervous situations that may arise throughout the course, which I myself went through at the time. And also to keep them motivated. The world of Animation is exciting! I want to transmit this passion to my students every day.

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