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L’Idem Talent: Jonathan Castil, Design Alumni

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Jonathan Castil is a graphic designer and artistic director. He completed his higher studies in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at our campus in France and graduated with honors in 2014. Since then he has directed his professional career towards the area of ​​art direction. He has worked as a creative designer and artistic director in agencies such as Glow Communication, Republic Technologies France, Uhura Creative Media GmbH and Interdit au public, among others. Since April 2018 he has been the Art Director of Territory Influence, an advertising agency that offers a 360° vision in terms of influencer marketing.

For Jonathan, studying at our school has been a great experience. “L’Idem offers comprehensive training that fully prepares you for working life,” he explained. Today we share our Alumni’s storie in the field of Design.

Where do you currently work?

I am an art director at Territory Influence, an agency that proposes influence marketing solutions for brands such as: Adidas, Samsung, Nestlé, or Audi.

What has been your professional career?

After L’Idem I found a job very quickly as a web designer at the Uhura Digital agency (Berlin). I was in charge of creating web pages for projects like Berlin fashion week, Total Deustchland and Banken verban. It was a cool 2 year experience! Then I decided to move to Barcelona and worked as a freelance for several clients until I started in my current position.

What is design for you?

Design is a way of explaining yourself with visuals, transmitting messages or emotions.

According to you, which are the 5 essential characteristics of a graphic designer?

Be creative, passionate, curious, methodical, organized.

And which are your professional sources of inspiration?

Daily life in the city inspires me. Barcelona and Berlin are very inspiring for me.


E-commerce website project for Interdit au public.


Responsive web design project for Total Campaigns


Logotype project for Hustler Berlin

Why did you decide to study at L’Idem?

At the age of 13 I started to create pages on the Internet with a very basic software called Front page. And little by little I began to undertake more and more. I also started creating visuals with Adobe Photoshop. So I decided that I wanted to learn more so that I could work on something that I am passionate about.

How would you describe your time at L’Idem Barcelona?

They were 4 great years in which I lived immersed in a relaxed and motivating environment.

What would you highlight of everything learned in school?

L’Idem offers complete training that fully prepares you for working life, from creative aspects to more technical aspects.

Do you think the pandemic has had any effect on the design sector?

I don’t think, in my case we have had the same work rate.

Where do you think the sector will evolve?

Today the advertising industry faces significant challenges. It is undergoing a very rapid transformation due to digitization and social media. Increasingly, the goal will be to offer personalization and experiences, and not so much a specific product. In this sense, design plays an important role in this work.

What would you like to be doing and where in a few years?

At the moment I have no plans to change jobs, so in a few years I see myself in my current company. They take great care of us!

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