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L’Idem Talent: Margaux de Bellissen, Design Alumni

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Margaux de Bellissen graduated in Graphic Design in 2012 at our campus in France and studied the International Master in Graphic Design at L’Idem Barcelona. Since then, she has worked as a graphic designer for international agencies such as Ogivly and Vistaprint. For events such as El Festival, a music contest in Barcelona. And private brands and companies such as Gorman (fashion), Tori Allen (events), Sans Beast (vegan food) or Matrak (technology), among others.

“The skills that I worked with throughout my training at L’Idem have been decisive in my career”, Margaux told us. “The school is a super support to learn and offer you the work tools”. Today we share our Alumni’s storie in the field of Design.

How has your professional career developed since your graduation at L’Idem?

A lot has happened since 2014! I worked six years as a graphic designer in Barcelona. During this time, most of my work was focused on the area of ​​digital advertising for Vistaprint. I also worked as a freelance in Branding and Illustration.

A couple of years ago, I moved to Melbourne to work as an Art Director and Branding designer. At the same time, I keep doing Illustration, which is what motivates me the most! I am currently working as an illustrator on book, card game and stationery projects for Kikki.k.

How did you get your first internship contract?

My first internship contact was at Ogilvy. And to achieve this, it was a great help to have studied at L’Idem. There I worked in the production area, a fact that allowed me to learn a lot about the work processes. At Ogilvy I understood how to organize projects from start to finish. After this experience, I was fortunate to work with companies such as Nestlé and Heineken, among others. Having this experience in my portfolio helped me a lot to get a job later.

And what was your first job?

My first job was as a graphic designer ask for an insurance company. The volume of work was enormous and I learned a lot. I started designing a nutrition website and illustrating recipes. Later, they commissioned me with infographics to explain how the insurance works. This is how I learned to illustrate for animation and started working on Motion Design.


You have founded your own Design studio. Congratulations!

Creating your own company is not that complicated. All you need is trust in yourself, not be afraid to expose yourself, accept criticism and learn to constantly grow and improve. My company offers a variety of destination services. It offers from consulting to understand the role that design plays in your company, to brand strategy and definition of an action plan at the visual communication level.
Soon I plan to expand my own destination services. I try to focus on Branding and illustration. Creation of brand guidelines, logo and brand identity are my favorite projects. But I also offer more editorial services, and I have experience in digital advertising to create and develop online campaigns.

What is the added value of

My added value is my vision. I conceive design as a language, a way of communicating what is special about each one. Over the years, I have come to realize that things need meaning. And my job is to give meaning to companies, creating an identity that transmits their history and values. An identity that not only empowers the brand, but also the people who work for it, its customers and everyone who contributes to its growth.

What functions have you developed as a Design professional?

I am quite self-taught and I am growing and learning more every day. Throughout my career, my duties have been from production to art direction. I have carried out projects of concept creation, sketches, storytelling, advertising campaigns, web creation, infographics, logo, brand identity, motion graphic, strategy planning, social media strategy, content creation, print maker, project manager, styling for photoshooting, creation of space for events, illustration … I even do painting, crochet or jewelry!

What has been most useful to you about what you learned in school?

I think that what I learned at L’Idem about specific software in the Design area and the skills that I worked with throughout my training have been decisive in my career. At L’Idem I learned that your proactivity is essential to carry out any project. You cannot expect others to do the work for you. The school is a super support to learn and offer you the work tools, but what you do with them is your responsibility. It is you who chooses your path and you have the power to transform your life into whatever you want.


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