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L’Idem Talent: Edgar Ajenjo, Animation Alumni

By 21 December 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

Edgar Ajenjo, graduated in 2D / 3D Animation and Videogames at L’Idem in 2020, is doing his internship at B-Water Animation Studios. After contacting the studio during the International Animation Summit 2020, Edgar has joined their team as fixing 3D Animator.

“I learned about B-Water’s work at L’Idem International Animation Summit 2020,” Edgar explained. “And as soon as I could, I contacted them to do my internship there.” Today we share our alumni’s storie in the field of Animation.

For your internships you have chosen the B-Water studio. How did you get here?

I met B-Water during L’Idem International Animation Summit 2020, an event that connects companies and professionals with last-year students of the school. During the event, I got to know the projects they are working on and I found them very interesting. So, as soon as I had a chance, I contacted them to do the practices. Thanks to the Summit, since June I have been working as Fixing 3D Animator at B-Water.

What is your job at B-Water?

I am currently in the fixing apartment. My job is to review the different plans that have been made and fix any errors they contain. It’s a pretty relaxed job. Also, by seeing shots made by other animators, I learn new ways to animate.

From what you learned in school, what do you consider to be the most useful in your practices?

Honestly, I am using everything I have learned during my studies at L’Idem. What I value the most is the advanced mastery of Maya software and the ability to work as a team.

And how do you value the experience at the studio?

The experience is perfect! Too bad he couldn’t go to work at the studio because of the confinement. Still, I’m learning a lot as a professional.

How would you describe the 4 years of training at L’Idem?

My training at school has been fantastic. Thanks to L’Idem I have discovered 3D Animation, a sector that I am passionate about. My training at school has allowed me to become a trained professional to work in this industry.

In closing, we look to the future. Where and in what position would you like to be working in a few years?

To be honest I do not know. I would like to be in a beautiful project, with a team in which I feel comfortable.


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