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L’Idem Talent: Jordi G. López, Animation Alumni

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Jordi G. López, graduated in 3D generalist specialization VFX by L’Idem in 20200, is doing an internship in the FX Department of Ghost VFX. Since its founding in 1999, Ghost VFX has grown into one of the leading visual effects studios in the world.

We have spoken with our alumni to learn about their experience in Copenhagen, where the studio’s headquarters are located.

For your internship you have chosen to work in Ghost VFX. What led you to decide on this study?

I discovered this company through a colleague from L’Idem who had done her internship there a few years ago. She had spoken highly of the studio to me and, looking at their portfolio, I checked the quality of the projects they were working on. So, when I found out that you were coming to L’Idem International Animation Summit 2020, I prepared to present my candidacy. I made sure I had the best cover letter possible through a good demoreel. In it I included the best works that I have done during my training at L’Idem.

And how was the meeting during L’Idem International Animation Summit 2020?

During the Summit, with so many professionals and students at the school it was difficult to talk to them, but in the end I succeeded and they loved my demoreel. The surprising thing was that, after a week, they contacted me by e-mail asking me if I wanted to do an internship at Ghost VFX and I said yes.

How is your experience being?

It is being spectacular! The Ghost VFX team is very nice and accessible, they are always at your disposal and eager to help you. I have come to realize that in the FX specialization there is always something new to learn. At Ghost VFX I am learning a lot thanks to a team of great professionals. This experience is offering me the opportunity to work on what I like and in English, learn Danish and make new friends.

Can you explain what projects you are working on in the Ghost VFX VF Department?

We are not allowed to say what projects we are working on, but I can comment that I have been doing effects of all kinds. Fumes, fractures, liquids, rays or clothing simulation, among others. I enjoy those effects that challenge me. Those that make me think about how I should make the program recreate them as they would work in real life.

What is being most useful to you about what you learned in school for your practices?

Apart from the specific Animation programs, what is serving me the most is being decisive and creative in each project. During the training at L’Idem we have applied the knowledge, tools and techniques learned to personal work. Using our creativity, we have come to develop each project on our own and following a set schedule, as it happens in a real studio. This demand and ability to overcome that I have learned at L’Idem is the one that I think has helped me the most.

What are the advantages of doing an internship in a large studio?

Ghost VFX has locations all over the world. So having worked in this company is a good starting point on a professional level. It is a very remarkable experience for my curriculum.

How would you describe the four years in school?

When I started studying at L’Idem I knew I wanted to work in 3D Animation. In school I have learned so many things that it was difficult for me to choose a specialization. It has been a long way to discover that what I like the most and what I do best are FX.

How do you see yourself in five years?

I may still be on Ghost VFX because I love the company and the studio, but who knows! Life is full of unexpected events.

What is Ghost VFX?

For over two decades, Ghost VFX has become one of the leading visual effects studios in the world. With contributions to more than 100 feature films, episodes, and interactive projects, it is a full-service global visual effects house. Currently, Ghost has a staff of approximately 150 artists and production professionals around the world.
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