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Arly Jones: “In animation, the background is the canvas where everything happens.”

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This week, filmmaker and illustrator Arly Jones taught an animation fund module at our school. The target group was a mixed group of students from our school’s 4th grade and Cinéma students from L’Idem  France. The module consisted of unraveling the secrets of the animation scenarios.
We took the opportunity to talk to Arly Jones about the role that color and light play in creating funds.

In Animation, what is a background?

The background is to the film what the smell of freshly baked bread from the bakery. You take it subconsciously and it puts you in an emotion, in a feeling, in an idea.

And what information does it integrate?

It is like a secondary actor that makes a protagonist shine. It is the element that mixes everything in an animation film, the canvas where everything happens.

What role do funds play in an animation?

The background is the emotional aspect of the script in non-animated images. That which places the actor in the context of his interpretation, which reinforces his message to the public.

What do you need to consider in order to fund?

Above all a deep knowledge of the script, of the recipients, the synesthesia, the composition, the light, the textures. Also of the perspective, the decoration, the architectural styles and some botany. A endless of elements! But the most important thing is that it conveys emotion.

Why is it essential for an animator to master funds?

By making a real picture film, you can become director, producer or actress of the year. But when you do an animation you can be God creating everything. Heaven and earth are the background.

What advice would you give a cheerleader to make a background?

Romantic painters remain my most enduring inspiration over time. Also expressionists. Funders and art concepts cannot forget that they work for the general public. If you are not able to convey feelings you are a product illustrator.

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Arly Jones

Arly Jones works in cinema animation creating scenari with illustrators such as Daniel Torres and Miguel Calatayud. He has also participated in the preproduction of Chico & Rita, nominated at the Oscar awards.

In 1999 he founded Cabeza Voladora studio, with the filmmaker Sami Natsheh. They produced animation projects as “Colores” (short film nominated at the Goya awards). And the musical video “Up in the sky”, with 13 international prices.

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