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Background Design Workshop with Arly Jones

Arly Jones is an illustrator, concept artist specialised in visual development. Recognized internationally for his work, he is best known for his participation in the Oscar-nominated film “Chico & Rita”. Thanks to his impeccable technique he has been nominated for multiple awards such as:

  • Los Goya,
  • First Glance Film Festival,
  • Paris Art
  • Movie Award
  • And Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival.

Background design workshop

During the month of April, Arly Jones taught a module on backgrounds for animation at our school. It was aimed for a group of students from the 2nd year of Animation and the International Master in 2D/3D Animation. The module consisted of unravelling the secrets of animation scenarios.

Arly told us that the main objective of this workshop was that students “become aware of the importance of backdrops, of their components and secrets, of putting them into practice”.


Elena Benítez

In her proposal for a Victorian-style bathroom, Elena has experimented with:

  • the depth of objects,
  • contrasts of textures, colours and light.

As Elena explained to us, the focus is on the multicoloured window and the bathtub.


Tais Quispe

With Arly’s advice, Tais has created a background with a wooden hut as the focal point. Its composition is supported the trees or the river. With a palette of “ochre, reddish and orange” colours, Tais has managed to convey the atmosphere of a summer evening in the mountains.


Isabel Adler

Isabel worked on a background whose central part is a sunken ship. Thanks to the techniques taught in the workshop she gave depth to the scene. Moreover,  Isabel has managed to create a completely original atmosphere using with the cold colours, the reflections in the water and the smoke.


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