The company Bandai Namco, one of the most important in the world in the creation of videogames, will be installed in Barcelona from where it will operate its new productions for mobile phones. The Japanese multinational is a pioneer in the creation of video games, are the artifices of historical successes such as Pac-Man, Tekken or Dragon Ball Z.

Through a Communiqué the company’s directors have stated that they plan to expand to Spain and establish a headquarters in Barcelona. The objective of this new house is the growth of the mobile market within Bandai’s main studio. The idea is to unify marketing and development work at an international level, allowing the creation of a more flexible and interesting content for the western market.

Bandai Namco’s Chief Operating Officer, Tatsuya Kubota, said: “It was not difficult to make the decision to settle in Barcelona. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a hub of international video game development and home to the greatest talents in the mobile video game industry.

It is undeniable that Barcelona has become a hub for the creation of products related to technology and creativity. With the arrival of Bandai Namco, there are now more than 250 Japanese companies established in Catalonia.

The company will open its doors and will begin to operate at the beginning of 2020 but in the coming months will begin the process of recruiting talent.

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