One of the most used international traditions to welcome the new year are the fireworks shows, surprising shows that visually are extremely attractive but seriously damage the environment. In this sense, with a surprising change of traditions, in Shanghai, China, the new year 2020 was received with a modern drone show, a creative and innovative way to start the year helping the environment.

More than two thousand drones took to the air on Tuesday night, lighting up the sky over the Huangpu River with moving lights. In one configuration, they became a man running. In another, they counted the seconds until midnight.

The drones, equipped with multi-colored lights, were not controlled by individual drone pilots, but by a central computer that can program them to fly in any conceivable pattern.

One of the most curious things about this novel change is that it is taking place in China, the country where gunpowder was invented and the first fireworks were created, hopefully this will be an example for the whole world to start celebrating the beginning of the year in a more sustainable way.

Below we share with you a bit of the wonderful show.

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