Jony Ive is the creator of the design of Apple’s newest products that we know today as icons of the brand and despite being part of the spirit and fundamentals of the company he joined in 1992 has decided to continue his own path through a creative business called LoveForm.

While Apple is a design brand with millions of users in the world characters like Jony Ive often go unnoticed because his personality is always behind the product, however the importance of his legacy is unquestionable and the essence that has transferred to each of the Apple products has been one of the qualities that has made the brand grow exponentially.

Jony Ive is the creator of the Ipod, an extremely revolutionary product that was launched in 2001, the designer was inspired by an old Braun pocket radio to create the first great revolution of the many that were to come, was the first portable music player with internal memory. Years later, as part of a fairly predictable evolution came the iPhone that was undoubtedly a technological element that changed the lives of everyone, the first smart phone at that time already marked a historic milestone to be an avant-garde and social proposal that continues to reap success.

Although it has always been more integrated in the product part, it has also been the creator of the design of operating systems such as the iOS 7, which has marked a before and after in the development of the way we see the design on the screens of today’s phones. It was also the creator of the mythical iMac G3 that we all remember for its transparencies and it could be said that in the collective imaginary is the first computer that Apple created. Apple Watch is another one of his creations that has caused furor and from which the competition has taken inspiration to create similar copies. Under his supervision, the iconic covers of the different iPhones and even buildings have been created, such as the Apple Park, considered the firm’s most important building.

We can notice that Jony Ive is a designer who has undoubtedly changed the world with his creativity and the way he applies it to products and images that today we have socially integrated in our minds, we must not take our eyes off him because he will surely continue to create all kinds of surprising designs and products.

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