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International Digital Designer: Morpho Sign project

Creating a novel and original proposal is the challenge every designer faces when taking on a new project. Finding innovative solutions to specific problems or situations is a stimulating job for creative professionals. For this reason, L’Idem’s International Digital Designer career pays special attention to the development of student creativity through real projects. An indispensable condition for your professional future.
In the subject of Design History, our 1st year students from International Digital Designer’s higher studies have carried out creative work based on morphological signs. The objective of this practice has been to understand the representative function of signs and how to create them.

Morpho sign: experimental practice

Morphology is the discipline that analyzes the creation and properties of form. It is made up of conceptual elements – point, line, plane, volume – and visuals – size, shape, color, texture – that connect to each other through directions, positions and spaces. The work done by our 1st year International Digital Designer students has been carried out in different stages. In the first, they have carried out an experimental practice through strokes made with different techniques.

In the second, they have chosen a concrete brushstroke of this abstract work and have investigated its communicative possibilities. From symmetries, they have collected the formal characteristics of the original line: direction, color, texture, visual weight.

In the third stage, they have constructed a novel morphological sign associated with the chosen product or brand. The result has been a unique sign made from experimental lines.

Through this creative project, our students have explored new experimental techniques and the communicative possibilities they offer. According to Pablo García, coordinator of this practice, “the chosen works are excellent samples of great observation, synthesis and graphic treatment”.

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