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“Destroy 2020”: Advertising project

By 29 December 2020No Comments

In Advertising class, our students have discussed and internalized what such abrupt disruptions to the general context of society mean for future designers, such as the pandemic caused by COVID-19. “Communication is now more than ever responsible,” says Daniel Romero, Professor of Advertising at L’Idem. “Its role as a social and cultural mirror is magnificent.” In the last practical exercise of the subject, the group of 2nd year International Digital Designer high studies has taken the floor to say goodbye to the year that is about to end. The result: the Advertising campaign “Destroy 2020”. “IDD2 is a team of designers that has decided to explore possible worlds to define a fresh, active and sincere aesthetic proposal to say goodbye to the infamous 2020”, Daniel has commented. “A proposal to channel the frustrations, the conditioning factors and the changes that we have experienced at all possible levels as a society.”

How does this exercise connect with Advertising program?

The commission itself has required the students to create a visual imaginary to represent 2020. And, in turn, a hero – themselves – who crosses the threshold of the pandemic world to discover the path where solutions have yet to be designed. It is at this point where the art direction, visual storytelling and plot logic that we have studied throughout the quarter are used to break with a sincere and unstoppable vision: the wall of the pandemic.

What have you wanted to work in this exercise?

Conceptual exploration. Our students are aware as a team that challenges demand explorers who discover new paths. Adventurers who use what they have discovered to build logical arguments. And, above all, sincere professionals in the midst of all this uncertainty.

And how has the practice developed?

The students have received a brief in which they have been asked to create the two main protagonists of the staging: the wall and the heroes that break it. The result? Rocket men, post modern muses, walking locusts, disruptive fictional characters and stereotypes of Barcelona. All of them go through murals inspired by Keith Haring, forceful phrases and fictional references such as “Hasta la vista 2020”.

How much time did they have to create “Destroy 2020”?

They’ve developed it in just one morning! For a few hours, IDD2 students have taken over the school set. And, never better said, in a groundbreaking way, they have made an audiovisual piece directed by Mariona Jiménez, with art direction by Rubén Oses and produced by Sergio Luna. A real wonder!

Can you define the result in a sentence?

The result has been inspiring, professional, cathartic, and nostalgic. In one year these students will go out to fight in the labor market and they already show a high level.

And what can you tell us about our students’ work during this campaign?

They are a very close-knit group and, at the same time, diverse. As a creative and communication professional, I have learned that the great secret of success is finding united teams. Professionals trained to work in teams who know how to assume roles and dare to enjoy without limits what we creatives call work.

Finally, how do you value this experience?

The result has been so good that I have decided to replicate the exercise next year. Not only have we used the metaphor of destroying a wall, but I have witnessed an act of catharsis in the boys that has filled them with confidence to face any challenge with design as the best tool.


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