Do you want to know the design trends of 2021?

Design is a sector in constant evolution, adapting to the changes, needs and tastes of the consumer. The year 2020 has meant a paradigm shift at all levels, and Design has been no exception. According to various studies, 2021 will be a year marked by the fusion of styles. And at L’Idem we are preparing you to become a 360º professional ready for the challenges of the future.

Do you want to communicate in a visual and disruptive way? We explain to you what the main trends in design will be this year.

2021 Design trends


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3D Design

Mostly developped in the fields of typography, icons, emojis, websites, apps and advertising.
It is a style facilitated by technological advances in virtual reality and augmented reality.


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With inspiration in a retro and Old School visual style, this style is in fashion. Its characteristics are:

  • tones with intense colours
  • well-defined lines
  • chroma
  • neon
  • pixel art

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The use of strange combinations blurs the boundary between the real and the imaginary.


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Psychedelia and Pop Art

The major characteristics of this style are:

  • comic book style graphics
  • vibrant colours
  • optical illusions
  • eye-catching titles
  • grainy textures

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Design inspired by nature

More specifically used in the field of sustainable packaging design, this style aims at raising awareness on the environment.


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Socially responsible design

This style was developped in the context of the social struggle against stereotypes and for the celebration of diversity and uniqueness in society .


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Monochromatic and duotone design

It consists in a minimalist style based on pure colours which contributes to make it easy to read thanks to a structured and clear composition.


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Voxel art

This combination of pixel art and 3D design is mostly used in the field of illustration, animation and videogames with a childish and retro style.

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