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E.T. is back thanks to an American television ad. One of the most famous and charismatic extraterrestrial characters is back on earth thanks to his original creator, Steven Spielberg, who directed the advertising spot for the Xfiniti brand.

In 1982, the film E.T. was released in cinemas and to this day, 37 years later, it remains in everyone’s memories as a masterpiece of cinema. A moving story full of special effects and adventures that represented a great professional success for its creator, because it was the catapult that positioned him as one of the best film directors of our times. The film emerged from a personal experience of Spielberg, who tells that as a child had an imaginary friend who helped him to cope with the divorce of his parents, so he decided to create a film in homage to that character.

In this new clip, although there is a clear commercial intention, we can witness Eliott’s meeting with E.T., an event that was expected for almost 40 years and that does not cease to be moving for the most nostalgic. The director takes all the elements we have in mind as part of the film and puts them in the right place to be part of the ad, managing to create in a few minutes a mini sequel to the original feature film, which is extremely attractive to fans of film and the eighties.

Peter Intermaggio, executive vice president of marketing communications for Comcast Cable, explains: “Our goal is to show how Xfinity and Sky technologies connect family, friends and loved ones, which is important during the holidays. The strong friendship between ET and Elliott has resonated around the world. Their story becomes an original way of presenting our technology.

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