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Game Challenge L’Idem & Epitech Barcelona

By 27 November 2019 No Comments

Today, the video game industry is the economic sector that moves the most money in the world. And Barcelona has become one of the main European hubs of the sector. It offers more and more job opportunities as it integrates different artistic disciplines. Therefore, video games are currently a professional way out for animators.

On the occasion of the participation of L’Idem in the 1st edition of NiceOne Barcelona, our students from 3rd and 4th Animation have developed a game challenge together with Epitech Barcelona. During five days, a group of 28 students from both schools have developed two virtual reality (VR) video games. The challenge’s objective has been to create two playable projects, which will be presented on Saturday 30 November during the NiceOne Barcelona.This will be a great opportunity for our students to make their work known to animation companies and first level studies.

What is a game challenge?

It is inspired by game jams: 48-hour challenges in which several developers create video games from scratch. Its goal is to develop a functional and attractive game for the player.

At L’Idem we offer our students a similar challenge. During one week, they will develop the artistic part of a video game. This consists of different stages: game design document, concept art, modeling and level design, game mechanics, texturing, animation and implementation in graphic engine. In this way, they will participate in a real video game production, as can be found in a studio.

L’Idem and Epitech Barcelona

For the second consecutive year, L’Idem and Epitech Barcelona work together to develop an innovative educational project for NiceOne Barcelona. It combines the two main disciplines of video game: art and programming. Our Animation students will take care of the artistic part of the development of the two demos. And Epitech will be in charge of the programming part.
The game challenge will be our students’ first contact with the gaming industry. And it will enabled them to move into a realistic professional environment, such as they will find when they enter the labour market. In addition, they will develop the key points of their work success: communication, teamwork and assertiveness.

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