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Videogames: We visited the “Gameplay” exhibition at CCCB


At L’Idem Barcelona we are committed to offering comprehensive training to all those interested in developing professionally in the field of creative arts. To make our academic proposal known to future students, we collaborate with various entities in the development of educational activities during the school year.

This week, our 3D Generalist teacher Esteve Garriga has visited the CCCB’s “Gameplay” exhibition with a group of students from Aprenem compartint. An educational support project of the Secretaria d’Entitats de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta (SESHB). In addition to taking a journey through the history of video games, Esteve Garriga has shared with them his personal experience in the 3D Generalist and Video Games sectors. He has also explained the academic proposal we offer in these disciplines for the 2020-2021 academic year. We have discussed this visit with Adriana Cabeceran Gratacós, coordinator of the SESHB Aprenem Compartint project.

Can you explain to us what is Aprenem compartint?

It is a project of the Secretariat d’Entitats de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta, the coordinator of more than 310 associations in these three neighborhoods of Barcelona. It works for the promotion and defense of associative life and citizen participation at all levels. Aprenem Compartint is a project that the Secretariat heads with the collaboration of the District of Sants-Montjuïc and the Diputació de Barcelona.

And which is its goal?

It is an educational activity that is proposed as a preventive initiative. Furthermore, it constitutes a resource at the service of schools and families to improve learning, attitudes and motivation of students with difficulties.

When was the project born?

This project started as a pilot test with secondary school students in 2012. Currently there are 12 groups in operation, 9 primary and 3 secondary. 120 students are served, there are 4 people hired and some 60 support volunteers.

And what kind of activities do you do?

Two afternoons a week, for an hour and a half, a monitor and 2 or 3 volunteers accompany a group of students. And they help them solve doubts, do homework or prepare exams. In addition, knowledge consolidation, self-esteem and autonomy are worked on. Reading is also encouraged, habits are developed, and study tools and techniques are provided.

Beyond the academic field, the project goes one step further and proposes activities of various kinds. Educational and cultural outings. Annual celebrations with all the people who participate in the project or their involvement with the associative fabric of the territory, among others.

In this line the visit to the CCCB’s exhibition is framed. Why do you consider it interesting for your students to visit Gameplay?

Young people are users of video games. And with them we have worked on screen addiction. Once this is done, and without forgetting the risk and the tendency to this addiction, we find it interesting to enter this world that they like so much and discover its origins. This activity has allowed them to open up to other types of video games. And see the impact they have had on art, on society and on digital popular culture.

Do you know L’Idem Barcelona?

Yes, L’Idem is a benchmark university in the field of design and digital animation. It also has foreign students and a double campus in Barcelona and Perpignan. And it facilitates internships in companies in these areas.

Why have you contacted our teacher Esteve Garriga to collaborate with Aprenem compartint?

Esteve is a great 3D professional. He knows a lot about the world of video games, is a professor at L’Idem Barcelona and is a great communicator. In this activity, he has connected very well with the young people of the project. Through his experience, he has brought them closer to 3D from his passion for this matter. With this activity they have learned many things, it has motivated them and opened new horizons.

Why do you consider his personal experience interesting for your users?

Esteve is dedicated to what she is passionate about. He has gotten where he is with his talent, working to achieve it. No one has given him anything. They don’t give anything away to the young people in the project. I believe that Esteve’s career, success, passion and humility can make them a mirror. He can inspire them and  make them see that, like him, they can also go where they want. And it’s worth a try.

Do you want to specialize in Videogames?

L’Idem is a platform for new talents in 2D / 3D Animation and Videogames. For more than 24 years, we have been training the best professionals in the sector. For the 2020-2021 academic year we offer you  the International Master in Game Art, a specific training to become an art professional for video games. A one-year international master’s degree that will prepare you to successfully tackle any real time project.

Registration for the 2020-2021 course is open and the places available for this international master are limited. If you want to reserve your place now, you can do it through the following online form:

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