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Giphy is a platform known on the Internet for being one of the most important websites for the creation and distribution of GIFs. Thinking of expanding its market and the services it offers its users, it has launched its own publisher and creator of video games called Giphy Arcade, which can be accessed through a mobile phone or a computer.

The objective of the web is quite clear, in the same line of always tries that the user develops and shares with his friends simple video games that can be solved in minutes and with a couple of clicks. It also seeks to respect the aesthetics that have always characterized Giphy: pixels, sudden movements and 8bit.

The web already houses a collection of videogames quite classic and simple if what we want is just to have fun, but for the more creative is available the Remix option, an application that allows us to use 10 of the videogames created by Giphy as templates and thus combine them with basic elements such as obstacles, objects and goals that we can decorate with graphics of the web itself and use them as backgrounds or characters. As if that wasn’t enough we have the option of using 21 retro songs to animate our game.

Giphy has expanded its scope in recent years to include creative tools, such as its own version of Snapchat and Instagram Stories. With Arcade, Giphy wants to enter the gaming market, but with a more viral approach.

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