L’Idem alumni behind the spot “The revolution is served”

At the end of March 2021 the food group Heura has launched its 100% vegetable meat brand with “The revolution is served”. An advertising spot of 2D Animation in which our Animation alumni Antonio López Socías has participated.

Heura: the revolution is on the table

“The revolution is served” aims to make consumers aware that the change for a new world also lies in food. With a striking title and a non-conformist and direct message, its protagonist – a girl, a symbol of the future – invites us to think about a food system that is more respectful of the planet. The spot was created by Bliss Animation studio, where our students work. And it has counted with the collaboration of the illustrator Rocío Ledesma.

The talent of L’Idem alumni

Antonio López Socías, who graduated in 2D Animation in 2020, was part of the production team for this commercial campaign. We took the opportunity to talk to him about his experience on this Bliss commercial.

What type of animation and techniques did you use in this advert?

In this spot we used traditional 2D animation.

How did you participate in the project?

My participation has been developed from the storyboard department. Initially, the creative department gave me a brief. Once I had read and understood everything that the advert wanted to convey, I drew the whole sequence using a pro storyboard. I paid special attention to the narrative and visual clarity.

From what you learnt at school, what knowledge did you use to carry out this project?

To make the storyboard I used several concepts learned in the storyboarding class with Antonio Santamaria such as ‘screen direction’, maintaining ‘raccord’ and visual composition to convey the message clearly.

What would you highlight from this experience?

The most beautiful thing about working on this project was that the studio gave me space to explore different ways of visualising the brief during the first iterations. It gave me the freedom to be creative and come up with ideas.
It was also great to see how the animators take the animatic further. It’s been a pleasure to be part of the team!

Finally, how would you describe it?

Intense but rewarding

Are you passionate about Animation?

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