How to tackle back to school

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Going back to university is a very exciting and, at the same time, stressful time. For this reason it is important to be in this adventure with all our senses activated to get the most out of it. The university experience is unrepeatable. On the one hand, you will make friends and contacts that will surely last a lifetime. On the other hand, you will gain knowledge that will enable you to have a trade. And finally, at university you will grow as a person.

How to Prepare for Back to School?

To help you get back to university after the summer, here are seven simple tips that will allow you to return to student life in a relaxed way.


Make sure you set your goals for the term or for each subject very well. A good tool is to write down your reasoning and objectives so that you can refer to them when you feel demotivated. Set measurable outcomes to keep you on track: the number of subjects you need to complete in a given time or the desired grade point average, for example.

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University involves a rigorous schedule in which you have to balance academics, social, work and private life. While it may seem like an overwhelming adjustment period to get back into the routine, you can define how you want to spend each day using an organised schedule.
Start with your class schedule, which you will receive on the first day of school. And then build your days into time slots around the aforementioned blocks. Having a consistent schedule will keep you motivated to complete your daily tasks.

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Going back to school comes with costs and these can create extra stress. One tip to reduce stress is to set a monthly budget in terms of academic and living costs. And plan your activities accordingly. Being financially independent and responsible is the key to success.

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A good tip to start the course off on the right foot is to have all the necessary information about the return to campus and the academic year. It is essential to know the course start date, the class timetable, the syllabus and the advantages for students. And you can always go to the centre’s Academic Secretary’s Office if you have any doubts.

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Take advantage of the social benefits of going back to school and try to get in touch with people with whom you have a lot in common and also with those you do not. University is a multicultural space where people from all over the world meet for the same purpose: to train as professionals. This helps to forge new friendships and, in the long run, opens the door to new business/job opportunities.



At every step of your journey at the university, both the teaching and administrative staff at the centre are there to help you achieve your goals within the established timeframe. Don’t be afraid to ask for a meeting to help you plan your courses in advance so that you don’t miss any requirements.

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The pace of university can be very tough with exams, deadlines and workload. That’s why it’s so important to plan time in your schedule for leisure activities and exercise. If you feel you don’t have enough time for leisure, consider getting up earlier or organising your time better. You can exercise or start working on homework a few hours before your classes start, as your brain will be fresh after the night’s rest. And then you will have the extra leisure time after school and/or work.


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