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I Lost My Body’, Netflix’s new commitment to animation, comes in the form of a delirious story whose protagonist is a hand desperately searching for its body. The French-language feature will be released on November 29 for all customers of the online platform.

The film is divided into two parts: the first tells the story of a hand that for somewhat mystical reasons returns to life in a laboratory located in Paris and begins a particular adventure in which it has to flee from a number of dangers. The second part has a slightly less bizarre shape as it shows us the memories of the hand, and that’s when we can begin to know the face of the characters, the main one is named Nafuel and is a pizza delivery with little luck.

I Lost My Body’ is an artistic feature film, with a very poetic essence full of metaphors written by Jérémy Clapin based on a novel by Guillaume Laurant who was co-guinist of Amelie. Jérémy has a long career as a short film director and it is thanks to Netflix that he risks a more ambitious project that has been applauded at Cannes.

During his time at the Cannes Film Festival, ‘I Lost My Body’ became one of the favourite films of international critics and won the Nespresso Grand Prize. Variety’s chief film critic, Peter Debruge, said of the film: “It’s one of the most original and creative animated films I’ve ever seen, macabre, of course (how could it be otherwise, given the premise?), but remarkably captivating and unexpectedly poetic in the process. She also won Critics and Audience Awards at the Colcoa Film Festival in Hollywood. It’s the first time in the festival’s 23-year history that a film has won both awards.

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