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L’Idem Talent: Aida Berengué, Animation alumni

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In 2018, Aida Berengué graduated in Animation 2D/3D and Videogames at L’Idem. Since then, she has worked as a 2D animator and concept artist for series, short films and feature films in studios such as Miyu Productions, Silex Films, 2d3d Animations, B-Water Studios and Teidees Audiovisual.

From her time at school, Aida greatly values ​​”technique, teamwork, resolution capacity and adaptation to change.” As she has told us, the four years she spent at L’Idem Barcelona were “intense and beautiful”. Today we share the interview we have made with our alumni for the L’Idem Talent section. A space in which we collect the experiences of our graduates after their training at school.

Where do you work at the moment?

I’m working as an animator on the movie “Saule Aveugle, Femme Endormie” for Miyu Productions. It is the adaptation of a book of short stories by Haruki Murakami, directed by Pierre Foldes. When finished, I will travel to Viborg to develop a personal project at The Open Workshop artist residency.

Could you explain us how your professional career has been?

During the 3rd year of studies at L’Idem I did an internship at Teidees Audiovisuals and B-Water Studios. They were my first professional contacts. In 4th year and thanks to the Summit, I found internships in 2D / 3D Animations in Angoulême (France). There I worked as a concept artist and animator for six months. This experience allowed me to open the vision of the Animation sector and, at the same time, make very interesting contacts. After and for eight months, I was working as an animator on the series “Culottées”. A production by Charlotte Cambon and Mai Nguye, based on the comic by Penelope Bagieu. Surrounded by a mostly female team, I grew a lot as a cheerleader and as a person. In 2020 and together with Silvia Vicente, a former student of L’Idem, we directed and animated the opening of Animac 2020. A very special project made from the concept devised by Carles Porta and Carolina Lopez, with music by Josep Maria Baldomà. Over the last year, I have worked on various projects with Drasik Studios and directed the rotoscopic-style animated video for “The Game,” a dance pop song by the Reyko duo.

Why did you decide to study at L’Idem?

I studied the technological baccalaureate, I always drew but it gave me respect to dedicate myself fully to it. On my aunt’s recommendation I went to Animac, the Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació de Catalunya. There I met people who lived from this and I found that my dream was possible. And there I discovered L’Idem. I spoke with some students and found out about the academic proposal. It gave me the feeling that it was a serious school that trained professionals prepared for the world of work. The fact of including language training and a practical work methodology focused on real projects made me decide to study at school.

How would you describe your time at school?

Intense and beautiful, they were four years of hard work. Also, in L’Idem I met some very nice people who are now close friends.

What would you highlight of everything learned in school?

Technique, teamwork, resolution capacity and adaptation to change. I also value learning when presenting your work in public, be it the reel to teachers or your own work to recruiters in the framework of the Summit. And perseverance, the fact of not giving up when things don’t go right the first time and keep working until they do.

A tip for our students

Enjoy what you do, experiment and not get obsessed with getting to this place or another. May they also enjoy the people they come across on their path and learn from all of them. That they take care of themselves physically and emotionally, that they rest and take on projects according to their possibilities, that they do not want to cover too much in a short time.

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