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Motion Graphics: design trend


Animated design or animation of design pieces is one of the design trends of the moment. The new forms of audiovisual consumption have made it a very useful tool to publicize a product, service or brand. In this sense, mastering this tool is a must for every 360º design professional. At L’Idem we are attentive to the evolution of the trends and tools used in the Digital Design sector and offer our students the specific training necessary to develop professionally effectively.
In the Motion Graphics course taught by our teacher Axel Bunge our students have discovered the communicative possibilities of this work tool. We have taken the opportunity to speak with Axel Bunge about this design trend.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is the term with which the animated design began to be called. He was referring to pieces such as animated or overprinted infographics for TV shows. With time and the growth of the discipline, the concept of Motion Design has been prevailing, that is, the design of movement.

What does this concept consist of?

It is a way to validate the discipline as an independent graphic designer, with its own rules, techniques and objectives. And it is considered an independent discipline because it is obviously nourished by graphic design, but also by illustration, traditional animation, visual effects. In addition, it applies techniques of all kinds such as collage, 2D and 3D animation or stop motion, among others. By talking about Motion Design, we imply that the fourth dimension, time, is included in the pieces from the moment they are conceptualized. In this way, time is not an addition to a piece designed to function as static graphics.

What added value does it bring to the world of digital design?

Digital design can hardly be understood without interaction and without movement. We live in a world of almost constant audiovisual consumption and where the demand for quality by the public is increasingly high. The consumer is more mature and demanding than 10, 20 or 30 years ago. We have traveled more, we have consumed more, we have access to productions from all over the world, not only audiovisual but graphic, urban, musical, etc. The Motion Designer draws on all this to contribute its grain of sand to this new universe, increasingly rich in innovative productions.

What type of work does a Motion Designer do?

Motion Design works not only on 100% animated pieces such as TV or film credits, social media publications, business presentations, e-learning programs, etc. It also defines how the objects with which we interact on digital platforms react. In other words, all the interactions and reactions that occur within a GUI are dictated by the bases of Motion Design.

Why do you think Motion Design has become a design trend?

The popularization of smartphones and access to broadband at any time and place has caused an increase in the consumption of audiovisual pieces. At the same time, it has promoted the production of these to the detriment of pieces that we could consider “static”, such as an illustration or a text. The experience of consuming a video generally requires less effort on the part of the consumer and, at the same time, it is richer in content, it is more “complete”.

How would you define a piece of Motion Design?

An animated piece also represents a kind of surprise in a social media feed, something unexpected that invites us to stop scrolling. Movement is striking, something so difficult these days. Finally, these pieces are nourished by trends from different fields, generating a more immediate identification in the consumer.

Why is it necessary for a designer to know the techniques offered by Motion Graphics?

A designer must always know what different disciplines are within his reach to grow as a professional and understand what possibilities exist beyond his known universe.

Do you want to study Digital Design?

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