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L’Idem Talent: Joel Torres, Animation Alumni

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Our 4th year Animation student Joel Torres has completed his third year curricular internships at Giant Animation. Independent Animation studio focused on the development and production of new solid visual stories for television, feature films and games, among others.

After contacting Giant during the International Animation Summit 2020, Joel joined their studio during the period July to September 2020. Today we share our student’s storie in the field of Animation.

Can you explain us how was the contact with Giant during the Summit?

The first contact I had with Giant Animation was during the Summit 2019 studios presentation. Giant captured my attention with a hilarious presentation that made everyone in the auditorium laugh. Apart from that, I was very interested in his works, such as the short films Geist (2018), The Overcoat (2018) or the Animation series Knuckle (2017). And it wasn’t until Summit 2020 that I was able to meet the studio’s representatives. After talking to them, I was fascinated by their anecdotes about the style of work in the studio. This convinced me to choose to do my internship with them.

Do you think events like the Summit are useful for students to learn about the work of leading Animation companies?

I consider that it is very important to have contact with active animation studios. This connection allows to know first-hand their work and their team. Not only to get an idea of ​​how they work, but also to show professionals what you are capable of, and take the first step into the professional world.

What have your internships at Giant consisted of?

I’m afraid I can’t say what projects I’ve worked on (it’s a series that hasn’t been released yet). But what I can say is that they tested me just like they would other Junior animators. By adapting to the style of work they require, you learn to be more efficient.

What has been most useful to you about what you learned in school?

Without a doubt, the knowledge and programs that the school provides us. In my internships at Giant I have expanded the work tools, which has allowed me to streamline my workflow. I also highly value learning to work in a team. Knowing how to communicate with the people you work with is essential in our profession. After all, in Animation everything is based on teamwork.

How has been your relationship with Gian’ts team?

At Giant, my colleagues were most friendly. Everyone is willing to help you, even more than you ask.

How do you value this internship experience?

When you are part of a big studio like Giant and you work on real projects, the way you see things changes. Not only do you apply everything you have learned in school, but you also learn new processes and Animation tools typical of each study. My internship has been amazing.

How would you describe your training at L’Idem?

Before studying at L’idem I took 3D Animation online courses. Training in school gave me a broader perspective of the professional world and has taught me the value of teamwork. I also value very much L’Idem teaching team and the experience, support and learnings I get from them.

Where would you like to be working in the next few years?

If they give me the opportunity, I would like to be at Giant for the next 5 years. I would also like to settle in another studio located in Ireland, Japan or the Middle East. And although the future is uncertain, I know that I am laying the foundations for the next few years at L’Idem.



Independent animation studio focused on developing and producing new and exciting ideas for television, feature films, games, and everything in between. In all their work, they tell strong visual tales, using a diverse range of styles to bring our ideas to life.

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