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L’Idem Talent: Jordan Jaraba, Animation Alumni

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Our alumni Jordan Jaraba graduated with L’Idem Barcelona’s second 2D Animation promotion in 2016. Since then, he has worked on three projects: Netflix’s Green Eggs & Ham animation series; the short film El tigre sin stripes by Raùl Robin Morales Reyes, produced by Folimage; and Klaus, the first animated feature film from Netflix in Spain. In this experience he coincided with three former students of 2D Animation from L’Idem: Mireia López, Daniel Rebollo and Ana Fernández.

“Studying at L’Idem offered me the chance to meet great professionals”, says Jordan. “And it opened the doors of the Animation industry for me.” Today we share our Alumni’s storie in the field of 2D Animation.

Where will we find you after “Klaus”?

After working on a production as large as “Klaus”, I have decided to dedicate some time to my projects. Sometimes we need these little breaks to satisfy our most creative side. Now I am in the development phase of my little short!

Why did you choose to study at L’Idem?

I chose L’Idem due to the fact that the training was focused on both 2D and 3D animation. And also for its connections with the French-speaking market, a benchmark industry in the animation sector.

How has studying at L’Idem served you?

L’Idem gave me the opportunity to touch many fields, from traditional drawing to 3D animation and even storytelling. This was great for me since I am a person with many concerns. And, thanks to this knowledge, I have become a very versatile professional: I can adapt to different profiles with ease.

What did you like the most about your time at L’Idem?

Apart from making friends with unique talents in each field, L’Idem also offered me the chance to meet great professionals. In this sense, the school opened the doors of the Animation industry for me.

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