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Art Direction Workshop with Frederic Kauffmann

By 13 November 2020No Comments

Translating a literary concept into a visual format is the main objective of every art director. And learning how to do it has been the leitmotif of the Art Direction workshop that Frederic Kauffmann has given to our 3rd year International Digital Designer students this week. Kauffmann is CEO and Creative Director of the Piece of Cake advertising agency. It has been selected among the 25 most influential agencies in the field of sustainability communication by The Good Report 2019.

In the Art Direction workshop our students have worked on a real case of advertising management and production. And it is that the training in L’Idem Barcelona has a professional practice approach. To a large extent, in our school learning is based on the exercise of real cases. The aim is for “students to bring their experience closer to the real professional world”, commented Pablo García, International Digital Designer Academic Coordinator of L’Idem Barcelona.

What exercise have you proposed in this workshop?

The workshop consisted of carrying out a campaign on the environment. A topic of great interest today both from the point of view of responsibility and climate awareness, as well as on a creative level.
Based on the multi-award-winning “Plastic Fish” campaign from Suez Spain, with amazing effectiveness results without investment in media, I have proposed working on a new advertising campaign by teams.

How has the practice developed?

The workshop consisted of the development of a strategic concept and an audiovisual piece based on a real client briefing. It is interesting to work on real projects because you can compare the effectiveness and the results. The vision obtained is much more enriching.

What goals have you wanted to work with?

Try to represent a real agency. The students have had to create their own visual agency for the job. This has consisted of forming a team of 4 people with a differentiated profile (creative director, art director, designer and copywriter). Work in a team and have the ability to present a differential project.

A brief, a week of work. How have our students organized?

They have worked very concentrated and motivated. They have also shown concern and desire to present a good proposal.

How do you value the experience?

I love working with the new generations to see what ideas they have, what proposals they present, what solutions they propose. The world is in the hands of creativity and they are creativity. We count on them a lot to make the world change.

What would you recommend to our students who want to dedicate themselves to the world of Advertising?

I would recommend that you believe in your skills, abilities and what you think. Connect with reality and be patient. They are sure to find what they are looking for, both professionally and personally.


Frederic Kauffmann
Art direction teacher

CEO of Piece of Cake agency. More than 30 years of experience in advertising, during which he has worked for clients such as Apple Inc., Adidas, FCBarcelona, ​​Ajuntament de Barcelona, ​​Nike, Fundación La Caixa, RACC, The Cocacola Company, Roca, Bayer and Movistar, among others

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