With technological developments the world of animation has changed drastically in a very short time, we can even say that in many of the productions we see there are elements in which we can not distinguish reality and thanks to all these advances is that Lemon, a short animation created to raise awareness about the presence of plastics in the oceans is a necessary and timely tool.

The creativity agency Mrs. Rushmore, in collaboration with the Reina Sofia Foundation, together with the animation studio Able&Baker (whom we remember for the wonderful Netflix serie Love, Death and Robots) have made the short film that premiered last June 7 at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and which will be broadcast by RTVE, Metro de Madrid, Iberia, Renfe, FECE- Federación de Cines de España, Trasmediterránea or Balearia.

The presentation of this animated piece is part of the forum ‘El Mundo Necesita #EnvasesConBuenFinal’ (The World Needs #EnvasesConBuenFinal) on the occasion of World Oceans Day, which was held on 8 June, an initiative which aims to raise awareness of the problem of pollution and the presence of plastics in nature. An extremely important social project considering the serious problems facing our oceans thanks to the excessive use of plastics, according to experts participating in the forum “eight million tons of plastics end up in the oceans, a figure that means that in 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fish.

We applaud every day proposals like this one in which talent is put at the service of the environment and social responsibility. We share the short film with you via the Reina Sofia Foundation and we invite you to lead a more ecological life.

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