Lenny Maughan and the art of running

Lenny Maughan is a San Francisco runner who since 2015 has dedicated himself to illustrating the streets with his journeys. This way of creating art is known as Running Art and is made thanks to mobile applications such as Strava that trace the route that athletes record with their workouts.

Lenny has so far produced more than 53 illustrated maps that are saved in the application. Any other runner who is bored of always doing the same route through the city can consult the strokes that Maughan has made with his strides and so, for example, get in shape following his most famous illustration, the face of Frida Khalo, which he got last month after several attempts and after covering almost 46 kilometers in six hours and eight minutes.

The first time she made a play was in March 2015. A few days after Leonard Nimoy’s death, it occurred to him as a tribute to delineate on the circuit the Vulcan greeting -or Boole greeting-, a characteristic gesture of the Star Trek fiction, which is done with the open palm, fingers together and separating in wide “V” the main and ring fingers.

For the moment, Lenny Maughan’s plan is to continue in his routes and illustrations until the body allows it. “This is just one way to make the streets mine,” he says.

Here are some of the maps the artist has drawn:

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