L’Idem alumni illustrates Les Popes new collection of tote bags

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Image: Les Popes

Cloth bags are nowadays a must-have accessory. They are practical, reusable and a walking communication tool. And many brands use them to convey direct messages that seek to connect with whoever reads them. This summer Les Popes has presented a new collection of totebags illustrated by Aida Berengué Carbonell, a graduate in 2D Animation from L’Idem Barcelona.

Inspiring phrases full of love and strength are the protagonists of this collection. Made in organic cotton, Les Popes tote bags present strong feminist messages that invite reflection. “N’estem fartes”, “No sóc un objecte” or “Vull decidir lliurement” are some of the phrases of the collection illustrated by Aida Berengué. We talked to her about this professional project.

What led you to participate in this project?

I had wanted to collaborate with Les Popes for a long time. On the one hand, because they are friends from my town (Bellpuig, Lleida) whom I admire. And, on the other hand, because of all the energy they put into their work of dissemination, workshops and feminist mobilization in rural areas of the province of Lleida.

What does being a feminist mean to you?

It means wanting to take off the blindfold and wanting to see, even if it hurts or saddens. We live in a patriarchal world in which it is difficult to escape its influence. We have all been brought up in it, so we have to question ourselves often in order to move forward, to constantly deconstruct ourselves. Fortunately, the path is easier in good company.

What has your work consisted of?

My collaboration with Les Popes consisted of illustrating claims written by Les Popes on three different themes, proposing ideas with sketches in Photoshop and looking for illustrations that would give even more strength to their messages. These have been vectorized in Photoshop Illustrator and then screen-printed by Taller la Tartera in La Seu d’ Urgell.

What style of illustration did you propose for the tote bags?

One of the things Les Popes asked for was that it could be an affordable tote bag. So one of the guidelines was that there should be only one color for the whole illustration of each bag. Under this premise I looked for a line style that was thin and that could leave prominence to Les Popes’ sentences.


What inspired you to create them?

In the moments shared with other women, of support, strength, affection, listening and freedom.

From what you learned in school, what knowledge did you use to create this project?

In the first year of my career we took creativity classes with Guido del Solar. There we learned to take risks, not to stay with the first idea that comes to mind and to keep looking. And in computer science and computer graphics class we learned how to use the Adobe package, which has been very useful in this project.

Finally, how do you value the experience?

It was a very nice experience both personally and professionally, I would love to collaborate with them again in the future!

What is Les Popes?

It is a project born from a critical look at leisure and patriarchy. It is driven by three colleagues who, after many years shared in the world of leisure, could not get out of our heads the same reflection: if we always talk about education in values to children and young people, how can it be that in reality we are not educating in feminism and in a feminist way?

In the world of leisure, as in so many other educational spaces, there is still an imperative need to educate and do with a gender perspective. And this is the challenge of Les Popes: to do its bit in this reconstruction of the leisure sector.

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