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L’Idem Talent: Charlotte Vila, Design Alumni


In 2011, Charlotte Vila graduated in Visual Communication Design at our campus of Perpignan. She then completed a specialization in e-commerce and community management and set up her own digital marketing company. She is currently working as Marketing Manager at La Barbe de Papa (Toulouse). She is in charge of the company’s communication campaigns and development projects.

“L’Idem taught me the use of graphic software, which was very useful to me in my career as a community manager,” Charlotte told us. “I have always used graphic design to present my projects and ideas.” Today we share our Alumni’s story in the field of Design.

What has been your professional career?

When I finished my studies at school, I did several small jobs. After a short trip, I decided to start my own company. Thanks to my training as a visual communication designer, I had acquired knowledge of Design, Layout, Communication and Marketing. Before starting my own business, I returned to L’Idem in 2016 to specialize in social media management.

When I eventually started my business, I looked for my first clients. So I took it upon myself to feed their networks with content to help them develop a community around their brand. At the same time I was contacted by the founder of La Barbe de Papa (LBDP), who needed someone to manage his company’s websites. Since 2019, I have been working full time at LBDP.  And now I am part of the management team of a company with more than 70 salons.

Why did you decide to study at l’Idem?

I chose l’Idem because I wanted to pursue a creative profession and the school seemed to be the best choice.

How would you describe your time at the school?

It has been an exciting experience.

What would you highlight from your training at L’Idem?

On a professional level, learning graphic software has been very useful for me. I have always used graphic design to present my projects and expose my ideas. My motto is “graphic design at the service of ideas”.

Finally, a piece of advice for our students.

To do the job of Community Manager, cultivate your personality and work on your technique.

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