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L’Idem Talent: Louis Wallet, Design alumni


In 2017, Louis Wallet graduated in Visual Communication Design after studying at both campuses of L’Idem School of Creative Arts. Over the past few years, he has specialized in Motion Design, Video Editing, Illustration Web Design, Visual Identity and UX/UI. He currently works as a Motion Designer at the advertising agency Brand Station (Paris).

“At L’Idem I had some very nice encounters that, I think, have marked me for life,” Louis told us. “The teachers were always very competent, very kind and very educational.”
Today we share the story of our Alumni in the field of Design.

What has been your professional career?

I did my first internship in Barcelona at Ambient Gráfic, a very small advertising agency. For my second internship I was taken to Brand Station in Paris, where I was able to experience motion design on a professional level. Not very convinced by Paris, I went to work as a freelancer at Take off, a video game production agency in Lyon. Then I did some small projects for a few months for the agency Sid Lee, and I eventually came back to Brand Station, where I like to work.

Among the professional projects you have worked on, which ones would you like to highlight and why ?

– The Far Cry 5 deluxe edition trailer, it was my first big project and my first big responsibility, it was a long and hard work but I learned a lot.

– The case study of the “underwater poster” project for the Aquaman movie. This project taught me the rigor of editing.

Why did you decide to study at L’Idem?

The school was the cheapest while being located in one of the most beautiful regions of France and Spain.  Moreover, all the sectors offered by the school interested me, so I finally chose the 3 of them (CCV, Animation and Audiovisual).

How would you describe your stay at the school?

I had some very nice meetings that have marked me for life, I think. The teachers and speakers were always very competent, very pleasant and very educational.

What would you highlight from all that you have learned and that has served you professionally?

The rigor and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Finally, a piece of advice for our students

Train yourself in the use of the software, do not rely on courses, there are things that you can only learn by experimenting. Don’t be afraid to move, big cities can be scary sometimes, but that’s where you make your best weapons for the future.

And don’t forget that with great power comes great responsibility (it’s from Spiderman).

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