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L’Idem Talent: Xavier Siria, Animation Alumni


In 2018, Xavier Siria graduated in 2D and 3D Animation after studying higher studies in 2D/3D Animation and Video Games at L’Idem Barcelona. During the last years he has specialized in Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects. He has worked with the animation studios Sun Creature, Silex Animation, Mathematik or Blinkink as a 2D Character Animator. He currently works as a freelance for The Line. Among the professional projects in which he has worked include Gorillaz music videos or advertisements for the video game League of Legends. He has also recently finished a short film at Vendôme.

From his time at the school, Xavier highlights the ability to work on real projects and perseverance. Today we share the interview we have conducted with our alumni for the section L’Idem Talent. A space in which we collect the experiences of our graduates after their training at the school.

What has been your career path?

After my internship at GoldenWolf (London) I went to Paris to work on the series “Mr. Magoo”. There I did 2D visual effects. After that, I worked as a freelancer for SunCreatures and Culottées de Sílex Animations. From there I participated in several projects for Mathematik and Blinkink, which I can’t talk about yet. And I recently finished a short film at Vendome.

What specialty of Animation have you oriented yourself towards professionally?

I like to draw, so 2D seemed the logical path. So far I’ve been a character animator and visual effects designer.

According to your experience, what qualities should a profile like yours have?

The same as any good animator, I would say, communicate well and listen. Oh and know how to draw explosions.

Why did you decide to study at L’Idem?

It was the only school that focused its training 100% on Animation.

How would you describe your time at L’Idem Barcelona?

I would define it as a transforming and dynamic experience.

What would you highlight from everything you learned at the school?

At L’Idem I learned to organize where to focus my attention and energy on big projects with limited time.

Finally, a piece of advice for our students.

You are much more than animators! If you didn’t get a good scene or you forgot how to draw that day, it doesn’t define you as a person or a professional. Keep working and looking for what works for you.


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