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Social networking and the invention of mobile applications, which we always carry with us on our smartphone, has created a new type of addiction. Nomophobia is scientifically known as the irrational fear of not carrying a mobile phone or being “disconnected” from networks, a phenomenon that continues to expand and by which products such as the Light Phone II are born.

The original Light Phone was a phone that only served one purpose: voice calls. More than a gadget, it was really a philosophical experiment and an engineering challenge that sought to summarize the most basic of communication in a tiny device, whose objective was to return to the origins of telephone communication. In that sense he was doing his job well, but it was never designed as a replacement for our daily dealings with the smartphone, but rather as an alternative substitute for those times when we don’t want distractions. Light Phone II proposes just the opposite: ‘stun’ the mobile to be something freer, but without giving it up.

The purpose of this new “smartphone” is to offer only the basic functions without being obsolete. That said, Light will never introduce applications such as Facebook, Reddit or Instagram on this device, in fact one of its premises is to stay completely away from news applications or mails. The objective is that the device does not capture your attention. However, it can introduce things like Google Maps and services like Uber that are essential for many users.

The Light Phone II is a small device of 91 x 55 millimeters, with just a couple of buttons and an ultraminimalist design that has an electronic ink screen similar to that of e-readers. The device will cost 350 dollars and will be released to the public next October.

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