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Luigi Kemo is an Italian illustrator from Naples who has set out to revive the mythical Disney characters to accompany him in his daily life. With a very particular style and undoubtedly with a great touch of originality, this artist has caused a stir in social networks with his creations.

The idea is very simple but not for that little creative: the characters in his most classic style coexist with Luigi in real daily scenes. Yzma, from ‘El emperador y sus locuras’, breaks the notebook to transform it into a dress. Geppetto, the beloved carpenter who created Pinocchio, uses real wood. And Pena and Pánico, the fearful little devils of ‘Hercules’, appear in the artist’s own mind.

Although he has always loved drawing and the Disney world, what encouraged him to start creating this particular series was his affection for his nephew. Everything was to make him believe that magic is real, as well as the characters. Luigi started doing photography occasionally, a job he combined with his work as a waiter but it wasn’t until 10 years later, in 2014 to be precise, that he decided to devote himself fully to illustration.

The illustrator collects more than 500 publications in the social network Instagram where he has 80 thousand followers and some of his publications reach 7,000 likes, below we share some of his best and funniest creations.

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