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Animation masterclass with Acció

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The audiovisual production company Acció, one of the most prestigious internationally, has visited our school to give a masterclass to Animation students. With this activity, our students have seen first-hand the trajectory of a company specialized in the production of 2D/3D animation of cinematographic quality. Acció is the creator of hits such as the feature films Little Big Panda (2011), Chico y Rita (2009) and Cher ami (2009) or the television series 10 + 2 (1991 to 2005). Salva de Haro, 2D Animation coordinator at L’Idem, has worked on various Acció projects. “Collaborating with them has always been a pleasure,” he commented. From Acció “they have not only taken care of the productions, but also the professionals who have worked with them”. After this masterclass, our students have carried out a 2D Animation project supervised by Miquel Pujol, Acció’s director of Acció, and Joan Espinach, Acció’s Animation director.

The company-school connection is a constant during the learning process at L’Idem. It facilitates the development of the know-how culture as well as interpersonal skills for a successful incorporation into the labor market. For this reason, throughout their training at L’Idem, our students participate in meetings with recognized professionals and companies. Apart from knowing their experience and activity, they exchange questions and advice about the profession and daily work. We have taken advantage of Acció’s visit to talk about the past, present and future of Animation.

Why have you invited Acció to visit L’Idem?

Salva de Haro: Miquel Pujol and Joan Espinach have worked in Animation for many years, and receiving them is always a luxury. At Acció they have trained many professionals and their way of working is highly valued by the animators who have been lucky enough to collaborate with them. Acció not only has taken care of the productions, but also of professionals who have worked with them. We have always felt valued and respected, both professionally and financially. Without a doubt, Acció is one of the Animation studios in which I have felt most comfortable working. Collaborating with them has always been a pleasure.

And why is it interesting that Animation professionals share their experience with our students?

Salva de Haro: In any field, it is important that professionals share their experience with students. Students are very curious to know how the Animation industry works. Which advantages or difficulties they will find when they enter the labor market or how the different animation studios work are some of the most common questions among students. Professionals like Miquel and Joan can give valuable answers to all these questions.

Why have you been encouraged to share your experience with our students?

Miquel Pujol: The contact between student and professional is necessary for the future professional to realize that not everything is “manga” and Asian animation, which, of course, is fine, but it is far removed from our culture. And in our field we also have a lot to learn, and not only from Disney, but from Warner, Metro and so many other renowned studios of that time. We, of course, started by learning from these sources and the process rewarded us with a good experience in the Animation field.

What exercise have you proposed to our students?

Joan Espinach: We have proposed them to make a short film about the adventures of a bee looking for pollen in the field. And the guidelines have been clear: duration of 25 to 30 seconds, and Animation of simple shots.

How do you value the experience of working with L’Idem students?

Joan Espinach: It has been very positive! They are motivated students with a good artistic level.
Miquel Pujol: As Joan comments, very positive. Motivation and artistic level are basic in this profession.

What advice would you give our students to prepare for the labor market?

Miquel Pujol: The best advice is to try to acquire a good preparation in drawing, anatomy, perspective, depth of field … And everything related to the artistic branch towards which their concerns lead you. The labor market is increasingly competitive. But if they are confident in what they do and positively value the result of their dedicated effort, they will undoubtedly have options to enter the labor market.


Miquel Pujol
Acció’s founder and director

Cartoonist, illustrator, animator, scriptwriter, and animation director. He began his professional career in the 70s as a cartoonist for Disney in Europe and as an illustrator of children’s stories. During the 80s he was the artistic director of Comicup Studio and in 1995 he focused his activity in the field of Animation. And in 1989 he founded the audiovisual production company Acció.


Joan Espinach
Animation director at Acció

Animator and Comic Art. Degree in Information Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He began his professional career as a cartoonist for Disney in Europe. For more than 20 years he was the Animation Director and Layout artist of the audiovisual production company Acció.

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