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Motion Graphics for Digital Designers

The students of our higher studies in International Digital Designer are creatives who, throughout their training, know the techniques, programs and tools specific to the profession and how to apply them to real cases. The projects they carry out during their training at L’Idem are a good example of their abilities and creative capacity. During the second quarter of this course, the 1st year students have carried out a Motion Graphics project, coordinated by our teacher Axel Bunge.

Motion Graphics: design trend

Animated design or animation of design pieces is one of the design trends of the moment. The new forms of audiovisual consumption have made it a very useful tool to publicize a product, service or brand. In this sense, mastering this tool is a must for every 360º design professional.

At L’Idem we are attentive to the evolution of the trends and tools used in the Digital Design sector. And we offer our students the specific training necessary to develop professionally effectively. This is the case of the Motion Graphics course, taught by our teacher Axel Bunge. We have talked to him about the latest creative project developed by our 1st grade students during the past term.

What kind of works have our students developed during your subject?

Students in the 1st year of the International Digital Designer higher studies have developed exercises to approach animation techniques with After Effects. As they got to know the software and its different possibilities, they have been incorporating techniques and styles used in the profession.

What exercise have you proposed in the second quarter?

In the second quarter they had a design project in which, from a brief, they had to go the whole way of a Motion Designer. That is: development of an idea, conceptualization, search for references, design of styleframes, storyboards, animatics, production boards and, finally, animation. In it, they have applied the techniques learned in the first quarter. In the third quarter they have worked on the basic principles of animation that, just as they apply to the world of animation cinema, also apply to the world of Motion Design.

How has the work process developed?

Normally a new technique is presented in class and the students have to do the exercise. They are short and concrete exercises that allow one concept to be incorporated at a time and, over the weeks, these techniques and concepts are added together to create more ambitious pieces.

What have they learned from this exercise?

In addition to the aforementioned, in the different exercises they have learned basic techniques for working with After Effects. Work with video, images and vectors. Blending modes. Use of masks. Shape layers. 3D space. Tracking … and many more techniques!

How do you value the results obtained?

As expected on a first level, there is everything. It is an introductory course in which the main objective is to level and lay the foundations for the following courses. Students reach the first year with a different level of knowledge of the subject. There are those who already know something by having learned on their own and others who do not even know the discipline. Taking these objectives into account, we can say that the results are satisfactory.

Students project: Jordi Espinosa

This video corresponds to the motion design methodology work, in which the students had to develop a complete piece complying with all the steps of the creative process from a simple briefing. In this project, our student Jordi Espinosa represents the recipe of a Valencian paella in 15 ”.

Students project: Rubén Oses

In the middle of the first trimester, having acquired a few techniques, students were asked to develop a small animation to promote a film of their choice. This is the Motion Graphics project of our student Rubén Oses.

Students project: Tomás Robres

In the middle of the first trimester, having acquired a few techniques, students were asked to develop a small animation to promote a film of their choice. This is the Motion Graphics project of our student Tomás Robres.

Do you want to study Digital Design?

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