In recent years the Netflix platform has become one of the digital tools most used by the public, its proposal that seemed absurd has completely changed the paradigm of mass media as it has been the pioneer in proposing a la carte programs added to own productions of the highest quality, we can say that Netflix is one of the most important elements related to communication today and that their successes or rejections mark a trend.

It is clear that one of the interests of the company is to have satisfied all its audiences and thanks to that we find very risky and particular proposals, always bet on the newest and has made it clear with his animation series Dead Love and Robots that has been a resounding success, a part waters to decide to continue making animation productions.

One of the first future movements of Netflix was to create alliances that allow new talents to travel a direct path to its doors and that is why from June have launched in the company of the school of Visual Arts Gobelins an initiative called “Netflix Animation Fellowship” that will allow graduates of that school access to a work plan directly with Japanese animation experts, who year after year are responsible for making series for the company. In addition, thanks to this proposal, 10 students from Africa will benefit year after year with a scholarship.

And Netflix has surprises in hand. The recent release of Evangelion is a clear nod to the importance of animation for the company and precisely in this line has announced the production of a series in partnership with Dreamworks on Jurassic Park and for fans of engines also a series on Fast and Furious. The opportunity to make animated series has also come to brothers Joe and Anthony Ruso, creators of “Avengers: End Game” who will make “Magic: The Gathering” a very ambitious production and expected by Magic fans and if that were not enough recently have announced the release of the incredible “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” or the second season of “Ultraman”, a menu of options rich in variety for all tastes.

Finally, during the Annecy festival, Netflix announced that it will make its first two animated films. One of them is “Klaus”, Netflix’s first original animated film whose idea came up in 2015 and which is run by Sergio Pablos, the creator of the universe of “Gru, My Favorite Villain”. The film has been fully developed in Madrid and will have its premiere at Christmas. The second one is “The Willoughbys” that will arrive in 2020 and that is in charge of Kris Pearn (“Lluvia de Alb√≥ndigas 2”).
As always, Netflix offers us an endless number of productions that we are anxious to have on our screens.

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