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New International Master in VFX

For the 2020-2021 academic year, L’Idem presents the new International Master in VFX. Specific training for those interested in becoming professionals specialized in visual effects prepared to meet the demands of a growing sector. Currently, all real image film recorded for audiovisual consumption in different forms (television, cinema, digital platforms, etc.) have been digitally manipulated. In this context, the work of VFX professionals is becoming more extensive every day and becomes an essential element in audiovisual productions. Through this new international master, L’Idem proposes quality training that will prepare students to build creative visual solutions to meet the needs of specific scenes or audiovisual situations.

Martín Pedreira, coordinator of the new international master of L’Idem, discovers this new proposal for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Why a specific training on video games?

The video game sector needs specific techniques and procedures. It is not enough to understand 3D general methods. You must also know how to apply specific techniques and software for these (Unreal Engine, Unity).
In addition, video games are increasingly present in audiovisual productions and studios. Not only this, but many of the techniques used for video games are beginning to be applied in other fields. This is the case of infoarchitecture, live television, medicine or animation series, among others.

Who is it for?

This Master is aimed at all those graduates in areas such as Design and Art, Architecture, Engineering, Programming / Informatics and the like. People looking to specialize in 3D Art for video games production and turn it into their job. It is also aimed at anyone over the age of 18 who is looking to enter the world of video games and start their career, starting to produce content for them.

Which is the added value of this master?

Many of the videogame-related masters currently offered deal generally with the content taught. Or try to summarize too much content in too little time. The objective of L’Idem’s International Master in Game Art is to offer in-depth training that focuses both on design and 3D art for video games and on the specialized techniques required to create the visual and artistic content that gives life to the videogames.

What are the main VFX artist skills?

A great understanding of current technologies, softwares, platforms and techniques for the comprehensive creation of VFX.

How would you describe the profession of a VFX artist?

Visual Effects Artist is the one who can alter, add, enhance or simply create entirely computer-created images. Its formal application is in a certain position, within a Visual Effects production structure. Either helping to generate computer images (Modeler, Shading, Texture, Lighting, FX artist). Or like someone who finishes the process and unites all the pieces and creates the final finish, a Digital Composer.

Why does L’Idem offer a specific training on VFX?

Because it is an industry that not only grows, it also changes its focus in the world and never ceases to be relevant. Anyone interested in the world of film and TV, with an interest in digital art should ask itself if this is not his ideal industry. Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Colorists, anyone who works in a post-production field or has studied a related career will find the world of world class VFX fascinating. With certainty, his career can take an exponential leap as he enters the Visual Effects industry.

What would you highlight about the International Master in VFX at L’Idem?

For starters, there is no other master in VFX with such a broad focus. At L’Idem our mission is that students take direct knowledge of professionals who currently work for the world’s best-known productions. And that, after training, if they wish they are able to carry out entire VFX projects without having to depend on other artists.

With the International Master in VFX of L’Idem the student will have a real image of how all the areas that intervene in a Visual Effects pipeline work. In this way he can choose which sector to specialize in, something that no other university offers in VFX. In addition, this master is 100% focused on how VFX studios work in the world today.

What does this master prepare students for?

This master prepares them to start working as a Junior in any VFX studio in the world almost immediately. In order to carry out personal, professional or any kind of projects regarding post-production and VFX. If the student already has knowledge or works in some position in the industry, with this master he will understand the real interrelation between the different VFX departments. And he will learn what tasks they perform and how they carry them out in each of these departments.

Who will be find at the master’s teaching team?

The teaching team of this international master meets two conditions. First, they are currently active professionals in world-renowned studios. And secondly, they have a wide professional curriculum.

In the teaching team of the International Master in VFX of L’Idem we have Matthias Schiemann, Senior MatchMover who works at Rise Visual Effects Studios; Paolo Giordana, Senior Lighting Supervisor at Gizmo who has created full-cg animatics for world renowned franchises like Game of Thrones; and Álvaro Gasco, Senior Creature Artist who works at Scanline VFX.

VFX is as good profession?

Without a doubt! Perhaps it is even one of the most sought after non-essential professions, with a quick and direct job exit at the most outstanding level. Not only does it provide a unique opportunity in the world to travel, it is also one of the most interesting professions and one that is currently showing the fastest development. Its development is continuous and shows no signs of stopping in the future. In the last 10 years, its growth has been exponential in terms of film productions, TV series and advertising worldwide.


Do you want to become a VFX Artist?

L’Idem is a platform for new Digital Design talents that, for more than 24 years, has trained the best professionals in the sector. For the next academical year the school offers the new International Master in vFX. A specific training for those interested in becoming professionals specialized in visual effects prepared to meet the demands of a growing sector.

Would you like to join a 7 months e-learning program, adapted to your availability?  Registration for the 2020-2021 academic year is open and places are limited. Do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department to receive all the information you need to join our team.

If you want to book your place for next year’s course, you can do it through this on-line form (it takes 2 minutes time to fill in):

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