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A couple of months ago emerged in instagram a movement that promises to be a great ally of our planet entitled No Planet No Fun, this unlike many others does from the aesthetics and creativity, using illustration as the language to convey information. A collective movement that is undoubtedly achieving its goal: to raise awareness and spread messages about climate change.

No Planet No Fun is an original idea of the illustrators Susie Hammer and Ro Ledesma who from Barcelona have taken the initiative to create a collective that advocates for our planet. In order to achieve their objectives they joined Gabinete Exquisito, Asesina Suarez and Lisandro Illa who finished forming the powerful team that made the project a reality.

An exhibition, a book and a movement are the objectives of these kids and to take the first steps they have invited more than 40 artists to join the cause. The result will be an exhibition on 12 December at We Work Barcelona that will show the works of the illustrators printed using the risography technique. The project book will also be launched on the same day.

To achieve this first stage they have launched a crowdfounding on the Kickstarter platform that offers wonderful rewards ranging from illustrations, to T-shirts or thermoses, all 100% ecological and full of those eco-ironic messages that characterize the project…

No Planet No Fun is an excellent example of how we can all help our planet with our own tools. The graphic campaign they have launched, created by the Uruguayans of Gabinete Exquisito, is visually impeccable and has numerous highly attractive applications that give that viral touch to the project, so, we are sure, will achieve its objectives and we will be hearing about this for a long time.

If you are interested in supporting the movement is the time to visit his Kickstarter because he has only 6 days left.

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