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Nuria García: “In Stop Motion, an animator is an actor behind a piece of plasticine”.

Last November, L’Idem’s Animation students made a Stop Motion workshop. The training was given by the traditional animator Nuria García. For one week, our 3rd and 4th students performed two Stop Motion exercises. In groups, they worked on klaymation (animation in plane with clay) and puppets (dolls). With these exercises they developped their creativity and skills in modeling characters, shapes and colors.

Animating frame by frame

In this Stop Motion workshop, our students applied the principles of animation to a new technique. And they animated frame by frame consecutively, starting from frame 1 to last. “It’s been a very direct experience with animation”, said Pau, one of our students. “We’ve been able to mold every single frame”.

The purpose of the Stop Motion workshop was to work with plasticine, a highly versatile material that allows experimentation. For Nuria García, “an animator is an actor behind a piece of plasticine, a pencil, a piece of software”. “Stop Motion is the theatre in Animation”, explained the teacher. “You work in a direct way, frame a frame”.

One group created their animation practically with live modeling. To each frame they formed the plasticine. This technique generated a very elastic and fluid look. The result was the short film “Glue Flops”:

Another group encouraged by substitution. From figures previously studied and modeled in clay, they composed the movement. After this, they animated the figures to obtain a clean visual impact effect, with large variations in shape and color. The result was the short film “Pez”:

The third group applied a mixture of both resources. They used models that were modified in animation with live modeling, as needed to generate the illusion of movement. The result was the short film “Sirena”:

Training in Animation

At L’Idem we are committed to generating professionals prepared for any challenge. Our educational method aims to offer useful tools for our students professional future.

Plastic and artistic vision is one of our priorities. That’s why we complement the training of our students with complementary modules. Those coursesallow them to experiment with different methodologies and work processes. The purpose of our training is for our students to master the artistic techniques available to them.

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