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Adobe launches a new application of the Photoshop family called Photoshop Camera that, like the original, is designed exclusively to help you edit your photos but this time in a more dynamic way and with the help of artificial intelligence.

Photoshop Camera is a creative tool that is designed for young audiences assiduous to social networks, as it moves away from the manual controls of traditional photoshop and has a performance very similar to the filters so popular that use applications such as Instagram or Snapchat. Its main novelty is the use of artificial intelligence, a technological development that Adobe had presented a few weeks ago called ‘Sensei IA’, which returns to the application able to identify each of the captures that are made and thus propose the appropriate filters for the type of photo.

The new application has a clear objective: to simplify the way users edit their photos by providing them with creative and fun options to achieve it. The creators behind the app know that the use of traditional Photoshop involves hours of study and frustration so they have created an experience for any type of user without leaving aside the most professional, because it also offers options such as shadows, reflections, intensity, exposure and tables in layers. In addition the filters can be applied in real time thanks to ‘Sensei IA’ which allows you to have an immediate visualization of the result.

The application will be launched next year, but you can sign up to be one of the first to try it. Adobe promises that when it is online it will release weekly updates full of new filters created by different artists.

Register here to try Photoshop Camera.

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