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The pioneer of animation in Spain, Raúl García, visits our school.

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The first Spanish animator who worked at Disney, Raúl García, today offered a motivational talk to the Animation students of our school. After participating as a mentor in the Summit 2020, this morning he shared his professional experience with us. He has not wanted to miss the opportunity without also offering advice to our students, future talents of animation.


The first spanish animator to work at Disney

Raúl García has explained to our students how he started in the world of Animation. “I was always very clear about what I wanted to do,” he told them. He started animating at age 19. He worked in international feature films such as Asterix and the surprise of César, The great adventure of Alvin and the Chipmunks and The land before time. His work on Who framed Roger Rabbit? (1984) opened the doors of Walt Disney studios. “Since I was little I wanted to work at Disney,” he explained. And he managed to fulfill his dream: he worked there for nine years. In this period he animated the most charismatic characters of films such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules and Pocahontas. After Fantasia 2000, Raúl García worked as a sequence director for Paramount Network in films such as  Rugrats in Paris, The Thornberries and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. After this rewarding experience, he worked on various films with Kandor Graphics, such as The Tell Tale Heart and The Lost Lynx.
He recently founded the production company Melón Digital SL. With it he has developed his first animation production: Extraordinary Tales. A film based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe that the L’Idem student association, L’Isa, will screen at our school next Friday afternoon.

passion, patience, perseverance, practice

During the meeting with the pioneer of animation in Spain, our students wanted to know their opinion about the future of animation. “Animation is a sector that is growing,” he said. “And it offers multiple job opportunities.” He has also shared some advice with our students when facing their professional future. All of them can be summed up in what he calls “the rule of the four P’s”: passion, patience, perseverance and practice. “Four skills that will be very useful in the future,” he said

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