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Apple has launched a new application called Reality Composer that allows you to develop virtual reality experiences even without programming skills. Through a simple interface, simply select the object, place it in the canvas and you’re done. Then you can take everything you’ve created with you to use in your apps or view it in any AR content viewer or player.

The objective of this application is that there are more and more augmented reality contents for the whole public. Once you make your creations you will be able to share them and publish them easily thanks to the compatibility of the application with Xcode or Ar Quick Look so with a little creativity you can create original pieces to use them in any of your projects and give them a more dynamic and modern touch.

Reality Composer has an interface extremely easy to use, intuitive and close to the public, with it not only can create virtual experiences, also allows you to add animations to your objects. The main tool used by the software is the camera of your device, from it you can select things to export and modify them by changing their position, placing them on other surfaces and changing their attributes, you can even add audio and interactions.

Although it is not the best tool for augmented reality projects, Reality Composer is a didactic app that will allow us to approach technology in a simple and fun way. The application is free and was released along with iOS 13 so it is necessary to upgrade to the latest Apple operating system. There is a version for mobiles, tablets and computers.

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