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We have become addicted to the mobile phone without realizing it, the device that was originally invented to make calls is part of our body. It is always in our hand, it has its place on the side of our bed while we sleep and it can even cause you anxiety when for some reason you are without it.

In order to create a reflective project on this reality, the international photographer Eric Pickersgill has created ‘Removed’, a series of photographs that present portraits of people who seem to be looking at a mobile phone that, in reality, is not there; it has been removed from the image, revealing a completely solitary and isolated world and being a crude reflection of the flawed society in which we live.

Pickersgill, of American origin, declares himself part of this problem but felt the responsibility of communicating what he saw. The author comments that he was inspired by a family that was sitting next to him in New York City; they drank a cup of coffee sitting at the table and none of them spoke, they only looked at the mobile phone.

Removed’ is undoubtedly an inspiring project that invites reflection through precious images. Living in a hyperconnected world creates new needs that we must be aware of in order to take advantage of and prevent consequences.

To enjoy the entire project visit the artist’s website >

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