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Carlos Bleycher: “The script is the way to make our history something unique and particular”

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The renowned scriptwriter Carlos Bleycher has given a workshop on animation script at our center. During the month of October, 4th year Animation students have received specific training on script. A module that has served them to structure the final-degree short film that they will make over the next few months. We took the opportunity to speak with the scriptwriter, editor and content advisor about the importance of the script in an audiovisual production.

What is the importance of the script in an audiovisual production?

It is the basis of everything. They are the foundations where the work will be sustained. We can have a first-rate animation with great sets, but if the characters fail to thrill or the story fails to engage the viewer, the audiovisual production falls apart! A well-told story with a solid script is essential to a production. Like the blueprints of a building before laying the first stone.

Why is it important for every animator to know about the script?

Every author and filmmaker has their own voice. Your own vision. Your unique way of telling a story. The “problem” is that all the stories are already told and in order to make a difference in a sea of ​​productions, we must focus on how we will tell that story. Knowing the bases of how to structure a script and its rules will allow us to find that way to make our history something unique and particular. And if we want to go one step further, we must first know and understand the rules to break them.

What are the pulses of a script?

Mainly I focus on 2 key aspects. On the one hand, a good build of character (s). And, on the other hand, a conflict development that has that character in an escalated way. In a short film we don’t have a lot of time to tell a great story in terms of length, but we do in terms of emotionality. In 3 or 4 minutes we can show a moment in the life of our character and explore the limits of the conflict to be dealt with.

And its essential points?

I classify the 4 essential points to put together a script as follows:

  1. Introduction or Set-Up: we show our character (s) to the audience giving clues to their characterization and failures.
  2. Complication or Trigger: Something happens in the life of this character that completely changes his normality and where there is no turning back, a complication in his life. A goal is born to solve that complication.
  3. Complication of Complication: The biggest part of the script, the second act, where we give our character the most problems and barriers so that achieving that goal is an odyssey.
  4. Resolution: When our character manages to reach his goal and solve his complication … or not.

As in the analogy of the building plans, this is the basis to begin to structure a script, in this case, a short film.

Could you recommend any inspirational bibliography or filmography when preparing the script for the short?

Those who want to delve more into the structure of the script, especially for feature films, can view the classic “The Script” by Robert McKee. Personally, coming from the world of comedy, the best books I could recommend are “How To Orchestrate a Comedy” by John Vorhaus and “The Hidden Tools of Comedy” by Steve Kaplan. They are amazing books and extremely enjoyable to read. Unlike “The Script”, these books have a closer, colloquial language where the authors mix the problems of their own professional (and personal) experience with the theory that helped them solve them.

Why have you joined the L’Idem team for the 2020-2021 academic year?

For L’Idem’s career and specialization in Animation. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to pass on my experience and knowledge to future actors in the animation industry, giving them the foundations and motivation to be able to tell their own stories.


Carlos Bleycher

Bachelor of Advertising mention Creativity from the Universidad del Pacífico (Santiago, Chile).

Screenwriter, content consultant, consultant and story editor, with a strong angle on comedy and character-based narrative. With over 15 years of experience writing animated and children’s content, her work includes sitcoms, preschool, 6+, 9+, adult series, feature films, and video games.

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